We are small family kennel in the middle part of Finland. I got my very first dog 1993, she was Amstaff/Staff female Tazza. After that I handled couple of years Amstaff female Candy. Owner of this nice female is now owner of Petit Noir Alizee Bonbon, a female from our first litter.

Onni ja Alli

Our first French Bulldog was male Lucky Moon's C'mon C'mon C'mon and soon after that we got female Lucky Moon's Deep Devotion "Alli" from Satu Hiltunen from kennel Lucky Moon's. Alli has participated in shows in several countries, and she became an international champion quite quicly. Alli has two litters, first with brindle Norwegian male N CH Babybull's Lukas and second with pied Dutch male Ulisse de la Renaissance du Phenix.

Our next dog came from Holland. Valentine's Day 2010, we picked up little Beatriz of Little Bombardier from Vinus and Sabina van der Veekens from of Little Bombardier French Bulldogs. Beatriz has probably the most wonderful temperament we have met. She is not only beautiful, but also the perfect pet and friend to our children. Beatriz litter brother, Barcelo of Little Bombardier, came to Finland in the autumn of 2010. Barcelo lives close to us in Jari's brothers family. He has same awesome temperament as his sister Beatriz :)

Thanks to Satu for letting us have Onni and Alli. Thanks to Vinus and Sabina for letting us have Beatriz and Barcelo in our lives, also thanks for all the support and help. I would like also to thank Kari from kennel Babybull's and Wim and Vinus to make our litters possible. And most important...Thanks for all the owners of Petit Noir French Bulldogs!

Anni von Hertzen-Mäkelä, Petit Noir French Bulldogs

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